Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SSA Claimant Suicide Easily Predictable

Lawsuit blames two suicides on move to cut disability benefits

Lawsuit blames two suicides on notice of imminent cut in disability benefits.

 A move by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to end disability checks for thousands of people in Kentucky played a substantial role in two people killing themselves, a federal lawsuit alleges.

The two dead claimants committed suicide by gunshot. They blew out their brains. Melissa Jude and Leroy Burchett, were despondent after getting notice that they would lose benefits, the lawsuit alleges.
Burchett shot himself in the chin on June 1. Jude shot herself in the head the next day, according to the lawsuit.
The lawsuit further alleges that two Social Security recipients were distraught over the notice from SSA that they would lose their livelihood and might have to repay pass benefits received.
Social Security has notified thousands of benefit recipients of the impending loss of checks.
This case is linked to allegations of fraud in disability cases of Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn.

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