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Having My Say.


This is “Soft Jihad”, and it is working all to well. Muslim Lawyers are working at all levels of our society to change our American Culture and make us accommodate their culture and habits from back home. Thank you Obama, the Liberal Left, and CAIR,the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Another example of Soft Jihad is the case of Charee Stanley, an American, who applied for a job as an airline flight attendant with ExpressJet. She knew exactly what the requirements of the job were. She knew she was going to be required to serve alcoholic beverage drinks to the passengers. Once she was hired, she converted to Islam and then refused to serve alcoholic drinks.
She filed the lawsuit through the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a so-called non-profit advocacy group. It is reported to be a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.
An attorney at CAIR said the firing of Ms Stanley had “Islamophobic” overtones because it noted that she wore a headscarf. (Note: A frequent tactic of the Liberal Left is name calling; such as, Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Trans-phobic, or Gender-phobic. It is a conversation stopper. It works.)
The case was dismissed by the EEOC. It was not considered worthy of an investigation.
Having exhausted her Administrative Remedies, she filed in Federal District Court in Michigan. She is suing for compensation including back pay and other damages. The case has not been settled, as far as I know.
Your insightful comment made me aware that I just touched the tip of the iceberg. It really is out of hand. Yes, thanks to Obama for doing this to us. Now, President Trump needs a lot of time to fix what had been done to America. Thank you for comment Judge London.
Laura Cotter
Thanks Judge for elaborating further on the subject. No offense to you. You may be one of a handful of honest people wearing that robe. But there are far too many now whose judgement is skewed by power and money. Lawmakers ask first…”what’s in it for me” before they will bother creating or co-signing a good common sense bill that ends a problem or forestalls a potential problem just out of goodness of heart and patriotism of country and respect for the people they are serving.
Daveda Gruber
This has turned into a series of good comments that make me think that the public must see the reality of what is going on in this country. Laura, thanks for the comment.


Bullets Fired for 4 Minutes – Armed Deputy did Nothing

JudgeLondon commented:

The confidence of the American People in their Institutions is being eroded. Faith in those appointed to keep the Peace is waning. Respect for public servants paid to maintain good order and decency is slipping. Termites are eating away at the very fabric of our Society. Our physical infrastructure is not the only thing that needs a facelift.
It will take more than just a President to “Make America great Again”. We have a good President, if we just let him do his job. We have a Great God, if we just let him back into our lives and our schools.
I will not throw stones at Deputy Scot Peterson, of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He was armed and stationed on the school’s campus. He did nothing for 4 of 6 crucial minutes. As a result 17 school children died. He is a coward. He took money to perform a job that he had sworn an oath to perform. How much shame can a man live with?

 Daveda Gruber on February 24, 2018 at 8:02 am

He lives with this by getting protection. Now he is the one in fear for his life. Thank you Judge London for your insightful comment.


Is this Really the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?
JudgeLondon commened:
Bravo, and bully for you. Well said. In a few words you summed up the State Of The Nation. With so many things coming back into style, I am waiting for Common Sense to come back. I fear it may not. Instead they may just Send In The Clowns.

Goodbye Rev. Graham: Heaven has Another Angel
JudgeLondon commented:
The Reverend Billy Graham fell asleep last night waiting for the Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is home now. I grew up watching his crusades from all over the World. If ever a man was called by God, surely he was. If ever a man spoke for God, surely he did, for no man could make the Bible come alive and speak so plainly and understandably, except God be with him. When he spoke, it was as if God himself was speaking. We are the Fruit of his labor. Unlike some of our other respected Men of God, Rev Graham’s life was free from scandal. He fought the good fight, kept the Faith, and finished his course.
The Apostle Paul said that at the Second Coming of Our Lord, at the sound of the trumpet, the dead in Christ would rise first, and then we who are alive will be transformed and be caught up in the air to meet Him. If like Rev Graham, I have to die before I fly, then on that great Resurrection Morning I hope to open my eyes in that New Jerusalem and see Rev Graham resurrected, along with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the Patriarchs,prophets, my mother and father, and all the faithful who have gone before us. My prayers are with Rev Graham’s family. May he Rest In Peace.


Will We See the Democrat’s Rebuttal Memo?
JudgeLondon said:
My sense of the matter is that California Rep. Adam Schiff ambushed himself. I think he intended to hold it out as a bluffing tool. It will be interesting to see how The President handles this one.
Not one Democrat voted to release Rep Devin Nunes’ 4 page memo. It was all Republicans.
But, all the Republicans voted to release Rep Shiff’s 10 page memo. The Democrats again held ranks and voted unanimously for Shiff’s memo. They all may have shot themselves in the foot.
I think that 10 page memo will do them much harm, with or without redaction.

The Devil Made OBAMA Buy that Dress!
JudgeLondon commented:
I must confess, I liked Geraldine more than I liked Flip Wilson. His best show was the night Broadway Joe Namath was on with him, and he fell for Geraldine. Joe scored (a Touchdown) with Geraldine. I am sure the Devil made him do it. It was a Temptation he could not resist.
Geraldine was funny but she did us much harm. She opened the Flood Gates for Tootsie, Victor Victorious, and The Bird Cage. And when the time was right, up jumped The Devil with Obama and the Liberal Left. Now we are afraid to send our daughters into a Public Toilet. We no longer have only two Genders, but fifty-eight and counting.
Can Trump put that Jeanie back in the Bottle?

The Golden State isn’t so Golden Anymore
JudgeLondon commented:
I agree with everything you say. I thought I would spend the rest of my life there, also. However, for the reason you state and others, I was forced to leave the so-called Golden State. For 30 years I watched my American Dream become a Night Mare right in front of my eyes.
I saw the homeless population swell in the Tenderloin District, on Skid Row, and in middle-class neighborhoods. The Gang Culture took or destroyed the children from hard-working innocent families. I watched my own neighborhood go from a jokingly called “Red Neck” Community to a “Red Beans and Rice” Community.
Looking back it appears that most of California’s problems come from the fact that it is run by Liberal Democrats, Sexual Deviants, under-educated immigrants, legal and illegal. The middle-class shrunk, while the ranks of the Super-rich and the abject-poor swelled. Starting with the Vietnam War in the 1960s, immigrants came to California for welfare and to have babies believing the children would become American Citizens. These people were recruited by Left Leaning liberal Democrats. I saw them in Mexico and at the borders handing out flyers with addresses of places to stay in California. ICE recently raided luxury hotels where some illegals paid as much as $8 Thousand dollars to have their babies.
Immigrants from Vietnam and Philippines and other Third World Countries came to the USA to get SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and other Social Security Benefits. California pays more SSI than any other State in the USA. SSI recipients in California get an average of $880.00 per month, compared to $200.00 per month in Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida. The language barrier alone was enough to find them illiterate and therefore eligible for SSI. Other alleged mental disorder, due to stress from living in a war zone. Many of these people live with younger adults with good jobs. They would have 4 or more streams of income in one house. Fresh of the Boat they had more income than families who have lived there for 10 generations.
Immigrants just took over neighborhoods. They would move in and kill off the legal residents. People were shot for no reason. Gangs would drive-by and shoot up the home. People were shot cutting their lawns, walking along the sidewalk, or sitting on the front porch.
If your children went to public schools, the Gangs would recruit them before they reached their teens. If they refused to join a gang, they were assaulted or killed. Parents would loose control of their children due to gang influence.
The Homeless Population has increased and the available public toilets has shrunk to almost zero. People routinely urinate and defecate in public and on the sidewalk. Parts of San Francisco look and smell like a s**t-hole.
The trend continues and has intensified. I can see nothing but storm clouds on the horizon for California, now that their Democrat Liberal Leaders have decided to become a Sanctuary State.

Re: Dr. King Day vs. Modern Slave Trade
What will we leave the children of tomorrow to read about our generation?
There will be contemporary history to read.
My Life From U S Coast Guard to U S Tiger.
Judge London, since not all readers may already have an Amazon account, would you please cut and paste a short example from the text of My Life From U S Coast Guard to U S Tiger? Whereas we are facing more slavery sprouting up in Libya, perhaps a couple of lines from your book to show where the weak links were that enabled the slave market to explode or how the people sold can get their liberty restored to live a free men and women once again.
Thank you for suggesting this book to readers! I appreciate your time and energy in documenting your experiences for the future generations.
Dear Cherylynn, you are truly a gentle person, a lady , and a scholar. Your words are like golden apples in a pitcher of silver. I pray that your words would fly on the wings of an Eagle straight from your mouth to God’s ear. My life has been a fight for the Right without question or pause, sometimes an impossible dream. I eagerly await your next article.

Dear Cherylynn, your article is very informative. It covers the subject very well. One of the Unintended Consequences of murdering Colonel Muammar Qadaffi was the rise of slavery in Libya. That was another bad Foreign Policy decision of the Obama/Hillary Administration. Hillary laughed and said “We came, We saw,He died. Hahaha”. Anyone aware of the enmity between North Africans and Sub-Equatorial Africans, would not be surprised at the rise of slavery under the circumstances you described. Libyans consider themselves as Arabs and not Africans. Arabs have always trafficked in slaves.
Judge London, you are living proof of how America’s 1965 desegregation of the military more than paid off. What a powerful story you have. I look forward to reading the book in its entirety.
I may note that although you suffered prejudice pre-1965, said denial of rights heightened your empathy to fight for the rights of women in the military about 20 years later in the 1980’s. This book of yours should be offered as a school text book for essays and group discussions.
Thank you for sharing a bit of your fine literary work here on !
Mrs. Clinton has stopped laughing now that she is looking for another job. Success is the sweetest revenge!
Under the wisdom of President Trump, America has once again taken the lead in condemning slavery and reaffirmed the US Constitution 13th Amendment’s commitment to Equal Protection of the Civil Rights, including prohibition of involuntary servitude. On December 29, 2017 the White House stated: “During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we recommit ourselves to eradicating the evil of enslavement. Human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation. It has no place in our world. This month we do not simply reflect on this appalling reality. We also pledge to do all in our power to end the horrific practice of human trafficking that plagues innocent victims around the world.” read more at
God Bless America, land of the Free!

Yes indeed, Amen. America was chosen by God to lead the World. A leader leads from the front, not from behind as our 44th President was fond of saying between his apologies for American exceptionalism. If the Main Stream Media had more talented and responsible journalists like you, America and the World would have a true picture of the state of the World under President Trump’s leadership.


Trying to write a book about my life is like trying to describe the landscape by looking out the window of a moving train. The events continue to unfold faster than one can describe them. My life is a work in progress. For this reason I have decided to look at my life in phases that have a clearly defined beginning and an end. In this book I intend to describe that part of my life that was shaped by my involvement in the Martial Arts. IN A NUT SHELL I, London Eugene Livingston Steverson retired from the United States Coast Guard in 1988 as a Lieutenant Commander (LCDR). Later, I retired from the Social Security Administration (SSA) as the Senior Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the Office of Disability Appeals and Review (ODAR) Downey, California. In 1964, I was one of the first two African Americans to receive an Appointment as a Cadet to the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. I graduated in 1968.
Back in 1963, I was a young black man, a senior at all black Woodstock High School, in Memphis, Tennessee. I wanted to write a senior term paper on the topic of the martial arts. My school had only a small library with a limited selection of books. There were no books on Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido, Tai Chi or Kung Fu in the school library. In fact there were no books at all on martial arts. When I inquired concerning any other library that I could possibly use for my research, the school librarian, Mrs. R. J. Roddy, informed me that there was a public library in downtown Memphis, TN. It was a much bigger one, and it had a large selection of books on many topics, but it was "For Whites Only".
            Before I lost all hope for my term paper, Mrs. R. J. Roddy told me, she could call the librarian in the “whites only” library and see what books they had on the subject of Martial Arts. It turned out that there were quite a few books and magazine articles on the martial arts. The library sent over a two page list of titles. After looking through the list, I picked out some books that I thought I could use as references.
Mrs. Roddy called back and told the librarian which books I would like to see. The books were sent to my school by special delivery chartered limousine. I do not remember whether these books were the only books sent to my school, but looking back, I am amazed at what lengths they were willing to go to keep me out of the Memphis Public Library. But unbeknownst to me and to everyone around me, a little seed was planted in my heart and soul. That seed grew and grew until it consumed my entire spirit. I would not rest; I could not be satisfied until I had satisfied that hunger deep in my soul for the Oriental Fighting Arts, particularly the Korean Killing ​​Art​​ of​​ Taekwondo.
It was not until a few years later when I was a cadet at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) that the implications of the incident really hit home. I had been attending, The United States Coast Guard Academy, an all white college in New London, Connecticut. I had access to a well stocked library, not like the small library at Woodstock High. The Woodstock library had little more than a few magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. The more I used the library at the USCGA, the more I became aware of the great deprivation that I had suffered in high school ​​in ​​Memphis, ​​TN. I was fortunate to be able to attend the USCGA.
After two years at sea on an Icebreaker, the USCGC Glacier (WAGB-4), and another two years as a Search and Rescue Operations Officer in the 17th Coast Guard District Juneau, Alaska, I was appointed Chief of the newly formed Minority Recruiting Section in the Office of Personnel at Coast Guard Headquarters, 7th and D Street, SW, in Washington, DC. My primary duty was to recruit Black High School graduates for the Coast Guard Academy. This was my passion, so I set about this in a most vigorous manner. I have written several books concerning Military Justice, famous Courts-martial Cases, and Social Security Disability Determination Cases. I am a retired member of the New York State Bar Association, The Association of The Bar of The City of New York, and The Tennessee Bar Associations. A Presidential Executive Order issued by President Harry Truman had desegregated the armed forces in 1948, but the military academies lagged far behind in officer recruiting. President John F. Kennedy specifically challenged the Coast Guard Academy to increase appointments to qualified Black American high school students. I was one of the first Black High School students to be offered such an appointment in 1964. I had a Black classmate from New Jersey, Kenny Boyd. We would become known as "The Kennedy Cadets", because the pressure to recruit us originated with President John F. Kennedy. On June 4, 1968, I graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a commission as an Ensign in the U.S. Coast Guard. My first duty assignment out of the Academy was in Antarctic research logistical support. In July 1968 I reported aboard the Coast Guard Cutter (CGC) Glacier (WAGB-4), an icebreaker operating under the control of the U.S. Navy. I served as a deck watch officer and head of the Marine Science Department. I traveled to Antarctica during two patrols from July 1968 to August 1969, supporting the research operations of the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Research Project in and around McMurdo Station. In 1974, while still an active duty member of the Coast Guard, I entered The National Law Center of The George Washington University. I graduated in 1977 with a Juris Doctor of Laws Degree. I worked as a Law Specialist in the 12th Coast Guard District Office, San Francisco, California and as an Assistant U. S. Attorney for the collection of Civil Penalties under the Federal Boating Safety Act from 1979 to 1982. As Assistant District Legal Officer, I was required to defend as well as prosecute military members who had been charged with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Occasionally I was asked to represent other officers in administrative actions involving sexual harassment and discrimination. One such case was the Case of Christine D. Balboni Ensign (ENS) Balboni was one of the first female graduates of the Academy, Class of 1981. She filed the first case of Sexual Harassment in the military.
-- Re: Due Process Has Been Buried By The Court Of Public Opinion
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 Re:Trump Demands Publisher Stop Release of Book
Judas betrayed his Master with a kiss. Brutus used a sword. Bannon uses a book. The Pen is mightier than the sword. Jesus had his Judas, and Caesar had his Brutus. Now, Trump has his Bannon. Thank you Mr President. It is about time someone with some guts put an end to this Tom-foolery. If they publish a book with deliberate lies and falsehoods, the impact is immediate. A retraction or an apology in six months or a year would be ineffectual in undoing the damage. It is better to nip it in the bud. Bravo, Mr President. I salute you and your brilliant strategy. Stand and fight. Let the chips fall on Bannon and Wolfe.

Re: Crime Does Not Pay: Easy Come, Easy Go.
Daveda Gruber said : on January 4, 2018 at 8:38 am (Edit)
People who take government aid when it is not needed are very greedy and selfish. I enjoy your writing Judge London.
Judge London said : Thank you Daveda. I am an admirer or yours as well. Your words are like apples of gold in a pitcher of silver.
Daveda said:  Thank you so very much.

Republican Party on Suicide Watch
JudgeLondon commented:
Bad Grass never dies. You paint a bleak picture. Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton taking center stage in 2020 is a nightmare scenario. I hold out hope that Hillary Clinton will be in jail or at least a convicted felon by then. Romney has shown his True Color and his lack of guts for a real hard fought battle. People will vote their pocket books. Trump is a Jobs President. He has shown that he can deliver and bring home the bacon. I think (and pray) Trump can vanquish all comers, with or without RINO support, and in spite of guerrilla war by The Swamp.

Movie Mobster Paul Sorvino Puts a Hit on Weinstein
JudgeLondon commented:
 I have admired Mira Sorvino since the day I saw her in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite. I liked her even more in Spike Lee’s movie Summer of Sam. She is beautiful and talented. Now, I find out she is a high moral, strong willed, and principled woman. Good for her. Her father plays a convincing Gangster in the movies, but I had no idea he was the Real Deal. Harvey Swinestein is a pig, a real swine. He is a sexual predator of the highest order. I don’t wish him any bad luck, but I would not shed a tear if he had an accident.

Re: Oops Pocahontas caught with her hands in the cookie jar.
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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was a Democratic money-laundering cash cow hiding in plain sight until there was a fight for succession of the Director.   It was the brain child of Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren before she ran for the Senate in 2012.  It  was not subject to the congressional appropriations process. It violated the Constitution, which gave Congress the control of  the Government's purse strings. It was funded by the Federal Reserve. The money was unaccounted for. It was set up so that Director did not have to be confirmed by the Senate. Then the Director was given unilateral authority to set fines and enforce a broad range of consumer protection financial laws. President Barack Obama created the CFPD in 2010 as part of his Crime Syndicate, masquerading as an Administration. Some fines were as high as a $100 million penalty on Wells Fargo in 2016. The money was recycled back to The Democratic National Committee, Democratic labor unions, among others. It was designed to give the Democrats an inexhaustible source of money for political purposes that was not limited by Campaign Finance Laws. This was all very crooked and brilliant. Thank God President smelled the rat and appointed his own Director and challenged the CFPD's constitutionality in court. Obama's Director, Richard Cordray tried to appoint his own successor, Leandra English, who was a Deputy Director. President Trump selected OMB Director Mick Mulvaney as Acting Director until a permanent leader can be nominated and confirmed. Chalk up another win for President Trump and the American People. Making America Great Again!

Jeff Sessions has been Missing In Action (MIA) for a year. Are we now to believe that he has had his own Damascus Road Conversion? I sure hope so.
I sat through every minute of the Watergate Hearings while attending law school. I was glued to the TV during the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings. I video-taped the Rodney King Trials, and the OJ Trial.
Now, you are teasing me with the possibility of a spectacular history making investigatory prosecutorial legal Donnybrook.
If it happens, historians will write volumes about it, film makers will make movies about it, unborn children will study it in law schools and police academies.
We have just survived a silent coup. Make no mistake about it, it was a coup d’etat. It was 1914 and the French Revolution played out on American soil.
If we get a chance to investigate, and prosecute the ring leaders, we will give the World a lesson in the superiority of our Constitutional System of Government and the power of the Anglo-American Judicial System to give the American people greatest freedoms, to protect them from evil insurgents, and provide a standard of living above any other on Earth. And we will have done this without blood shed, for the most part.
From:  RK Horton on December 28, 2017 at 7:43 am to LLS:
Thank you for your eloquently stated comments.

 Try, if you can, just for a moment, put yourself in the skin of Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee of Texas. Walk just one mile in her shoes. I think I understand what she is doing, and where she is coming from. It is payback.
She is carrying one awfully big chip on her shoulder. She is a very proud and well-educated woman, with a BA from Yale University and Law Degree from University of Virginia.She was a municipal judge from 1987 to 1990. Now, she is angry. And, incredibly sees herself as a victim. She apparently still feels the sting of “Separate But Equal”, and the days of “For Whites Only” bathrooms and water fountains. Now, she wants to be “First”.
In 1994, she was elected to Congress from heavily Democratic, black-majority district. Her constituents like it when she struts her stuff.
In July 2010 at the NAACP national convention, she compared the Tea Party to the KKK. She said in January 2011 that repealing the health care law would be in violation of the Constitution. After all,Obamacare was the Crowing Jewel of the great Barack Obama. He could stop the rise of the oceans and eliminate Global Warming.
Shelia Jackson Lee is not unique. She may have been the First Coming of today’s Snowflakes.
Does anyone remember when Oprah Winfry was outraged that a Department Store would not close the entire store to the public so that she could shop alone? She’s a Billionaire. After all, didn’t they know who she was?
Oprah said she was the victim of racism on a trip to Switzerland when a shop assistant refused to show her a handbag because it was “too expensive.”
These rich and powerful people, Oprah Winfrey and Jackson Lee, might both see themselves victims of racism and say they experienced what ‘people of black or brown color experience daily’.
What a World we are living in!
Can’t we all just get along?

Re:When Judges Break the Law, Should Judges Go to Jail?
Rk Horton said:
 Yes INDEED judges should go to jail and lose their pensions as well. They should be held to a higher standard. Noblesse oblige. Just as Andrew McCabe is trying to wait out his problems so that he can retire off the system, any official who is engaged in wrong doing loses that perk. It would be insanity to try to separate the fact that he “worked all those years” and the fact that he manipulated a Presidential election. He loses his good deeds and his reputation for breaking the law he was hired to uphold.
Yes, RK, I could not agree with you more. You make a good point when you say that Andrew McCabe is trying to wait out his problems so that he can retire on a Life-time Government Pension. I would have more sympathy for McCabe if he were at the beginning of his career. But he is old, seasoned, and thoroughly bent. His transgressions are multiplied ten fold. He more than anyone appreciated the gravity of his treason. His final actions cancel out any good he may done, if indeed he ever did anything worthy of praise. Considering the horrible deprivations to which he was prepared to subject the American people under a cruel un-Democratic, Socialistic, One World Far-Left Hillary Clinton Government, he would be lucky to escape Capital Punishment. Make no doubt about, they were prepared to turn America into the next Venezuela. Venezuela is rich in gold and oil. Under socialist Marxist Rule, the people have been reduced to eating their house pets because they have no food. Moreover, they have to beg Colombia for toilet paper. In 2016 consumer prices rose 800%, and the economy contracted by 18.6%. Due to a lack of nutrition 75 percent of the population lost an average of 20 pounds. Food rationing is so severe that Venezuelans spend all day waiting in lines for anything they can get to eat. This is what McCabe and his ilk were pushing for. Can you imagine such a future for your children and grand children? Thank God for Donald trump and the silent majority of American people.

Laura Cotter said:

Thank you, Laura. Yes, Sally is correct. And I would add that in America there is equal justice under the Law, for the most part. The biggest and the best thing we have going for us is our Constitution. It gives us Constitutional Rights that money cannot buy in any other country in the World. The greatest of these is our “Presumption of Innocence until proven guilty”. Our Constitutional form of Government and our Legal System are unique and unsuited for any other people on Earth. Our Constitution only work for free, moral, Christian people, who can be trusted to govern themselves. Sharia Law and other authoritarian forms of governance are completely incompatible with our Constitutional System. We came close to loosing that during the Obama Administration. Our Life Expectancy went down and our freedoms were whittled away. Free people cannot be forced by their Government to buy anything they do not need or want to buy. Some evil people and people who do not share the American Dream have wormed their way into the fabric of our society. We must be forever vigilant and get rid of them whenever we identify them.

Sally Becker said:

Reply: Sally, you are absolutely correct. If a Deplorable breaks the Law, judgement is usually swift and sure. Punishment can often be quite harsh. You probably cannot name one Deplorable who is “too rich to prosecute”, like Hillary and some other well-connected people in our Society. Like the banks, Wall Street Firms, and Fortune 500 companies that Obama thought were too “Big to Fail”, they do not appear to be subject to the same rules as us DEPLORABLES. But Judges are held accountable, and they are held to a higher standard. When they transgress the Law, they are held accountable. That is one of the beautiful things about America. Things got out of control for a little while, but President Trump is straightening things out and taking our country back. He is Making America Great Again.

 Re:McCain Missing Tax Reform Vote a Fitting End to a Helter-Skelter Career
Reply:Helter-Skelter seems a fitting and appropriate characterization.One can only wonder how McCain would have voted on the Tax Reform Bill. His reputation as a “Mr. Flip-Flop” and a “Maverick” do not inspire me to believe that McCain would have voted with the Republicans. Not one Democrat voted for The Tax Reform Bill. If McCain had sided with his Democratic friends, Trump may have been denied a historic Legislative victory. Also, the fact that he voted not to repel Obamacare when he was called upon to support President Trump, gives one even greater reason to be glad he was not there for the vote. I believe he has let a personal vendetta with President Trump effect his judgement as a Senator representing the citizens of Arizona.
Trump said McCain was a hero only because he was a POW and survived the Hanoi Hilton. For a man like McCain, that stings deeply. McCain was a joker, a wild-card, and almost the Anchor Man in his 1958 Annapolis Class. He graduated 894 out of 899. He appears to have been trying his whole life to out perform his father and grandfather, who were both Navy Admirals.
McCain’s inexplicable involvement in the Russia-Dossier Saga really offends me as a Republican and an American Patriot. He sent his personal aide to England to get a certified copy of the Steele Opposition Research Report; he personally delivered a copy to James Comey at the FBI; and, he is rumored to have leaked it to the press. That appears to be above and beyond the call of duty, even for a Spoiler, and Maverick.
The Evil that men do lives long after they are gone; the Good is often interred with their bones. McCain has done some good things, but I would prefer to keep him at arm’s length.

Re: Show Your True Colors
Reply: Thank you Steven Kyro. You are in the majority. I am proud to call you My Fellow American. If all Americans were as smart and patriotic as you, they would recognize how blessed we are to have Donald Trump as our President. The alternative would have been a nightmare. Few people seem to understand how corrupt the Deep State was and is. Their allegiance to Hillary is proof enough that they do not love America and are prepared to abandon the Country of our Forefathers for some New World Order with no borders, culture, or Faith in God. We dodged a Silver Bullet. God Bless America, President Trump, and all right thinking Americans everywhere.

Re: The Roy Moore Election Prediction Nobody Was Waiting For
Reply:  The Verdict is in. Smear works. Slander wins. If you slime your opponent and spends enough money, it will get you there. Without a doubt, the Winning Formula appears to have been: smear, slander and slime. The Media Maelstrom around this election created the Perfect Storm against Judge Roy Moore. Not just the Main Stream Media, but also Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel and other Water Carriers for the Democratic Left were able to hang an Albatross around the neck of Judge Moore and he could not shake it loose. They labeled him “Child Molester”, and it stuck. It appears that the Left has a new strategy. Labeling someone a Racist does not work as well as it did. The new tactic is to label them a Sexist, or Child Molester, or Sexual Predator. That seems to work. And we can look forward to more of it. Every Republican running for any State-wide of National Office will have to be squeeky clean going back 40 years or more, or Opposition Researchers will scour your past and come up with someone who will be more than happy to heap dirt on your character for 30 Pieces of Silver. As I understand it, the Term for this Senate Seat is only 2 years. Then another election will be held to find a replacement for Jeff Session. Well, fasten your seat-belts. Look out below. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. Batten down the hatches. We are in for rough weather in the next 4, 8, and 16 years. That is my prediction for the Donald Trump and the Ivanka Trump Dynasties to run their course in American Presidential Politics. We will live in Interesting Times, as the Chinese Proverb terms it. God Help Us, and God Bless America.

Re: Thank God Donald trump Is Commander In Chief
Reply: The Cultural War has been going on for years, perhaps since the 1960s. This Culture War has escalated into an un-Civil War. It is a Cold War, but could easily become a Hot War. Shots have been fired. James Hodgkinson on June 14, 2017 opened fire on Republican members of Congress while practicing for the annual Congressional Charity Baseball Game in Alexandria, Virginia. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has returned to work after a miracle recovery. The extreme political Left had declared war on traditional America. Police Officers have been assassinated while sitting in their cars. Riots have broken out in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore , Maryland based on lies and Fake News Stories. The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie was publicized in Main Stream Media (MSM), worn on NBA Basketball players’ jerseys and legitimized by high level Democratic politicians and Members of Congress. And MSM continues to assail POTUS with ridiculous allegations of Russian interference in the last Election, and lies about sexually assaulting women he may have helped in the past. Journalism has become “JIHAD”! We cannot get news outside of Twitter. Enough is Enough! We must Drain The swamp and Take Our Country Back.

What Does Rep. John Lewis’ Boycott of Pres. Trump’s Visit to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Mean?
JudgeLondon commented:
Thank you Lanny L. Carruthers. You hit the nail right on the head. John Lewis apparently was hit on the heads one time too many. In 1987 he appears to have left the ranks of Civil Rights Devotees and joined the Ranks of Race Pimps and Washington, DC Swamp Dwellers. Rep. Lewis’ Boycott was an insult to all people of Good Will, and a real slap in the face to the Greatest President America has ever had.If Rep. Lewis and President Trump could have walked together it would have done more for Civil Rights in America than electing Barack Obama as 44th President. What a missed opportunity.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

When Judges Break The Law. When A Judge Goes To Jail.

 When Judges Break The Law.

 He knows the Law, and what a sacred trust it is to be the Keeper of the Flame of Justice. For a Judge to transgress the Law, it requires a deeper intent to pollute the Temple of Justice. He knows how important it is in a civil society for everyone to respect and obey the Law. So, the Judge must be held to a higher standard. A Judge deserves a greater punishment than that of an ordinary street thug who violates the Law. A Judge must be paid double in punishment. His violation is much greater that that of the average criminal.Should the age of the Judge be taken into consideration when a Judge is sentenced? Should his record as a Judge be a factor in determining an appropriate punishment? Should the Judge be given any leniency? Should the Judge's gender be a factor? Should a male Judge get a stiffer sentence than a female Judge?
Should the Nature of the Crime be a factor?If a Judge used his position as a Judge to steal money, should that be a factor? If people loose their lives or are murdered as a result of the Judge's wilful violation of the Law, should that be a factor?
The Law is a Spirit. It is a Process. If the Law is perverted then the Temple of Justice is defiled. The Temple must be cleansed.

When Judges break the Law, Society comes apart. A Judge must maintain a high standard of conduct or be prepared to go to jail. A Court-room deprived of its Judge is like a soldier in battle who looses his horse because his horse looses a shoe. Society's war against crime is jeopardized.

A Judge can break the Law in many ways. A Judge break the Law inside the court room. One way is to simply ignore the Law.  If one party cites the statues and the case law, and the opposing party doesn't have a leg to stand on, according to the Doctrine of Stare Decisis, the party with the case law on its side should win. Stare Decisis is the policy of courts to abide by principles established by decisions in earlier cases. If the judge simply ignores the law and fails to follow the policy of Stare Decisis but rules against the party that was legally right, then that Judge has broken the Law. Should that be a punishable offense?
Judges can lie in their Judicial Orders and their Decisions. That would amount to perjury. Judges are always under oath. Stating an untruth verbally or in writing would be perjury.
Also, if a Judge cites a Case as authority for their Ruling when that Case is not really on point, then that Judge has lied. The Case cited may only be peripherally related to the Issues in the Case. If the Judge knowingly cites the Case as authority, then the Judge has lied under Oath.

 A Judge can use his position as a Judge to further his own personal philosophy. He can hide under the cloak of Judicial Immunity all the while perverting Justice in the name of The Greater Good.
Leonard Steven Grasz, is a judicial nominee put forward by President Trump to fill a vacancy on the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. Grasz was forced to remove his name from consideration when the American Bar Association (ABA) gave him a failing grade.
After interviewing hundreds of lawyers and judges who had interacted with Judge Grasz, the ABA found a recurring theme: they said his political beliefs would make him unable to be impartial, as a Judge is required to be. They found that he would be unable to separate his role as an advocate from that of a judge. The ABA concluded that Judge Grasz would be able to detach himself from his deeply-held social agenda and political loyalty and be able to judge objectively, with compassion and without bias.
I take no position here concerning these Social Issues, but I merely cite them as examples noted by the ABA. They found that Judge Grasz's biases include a long record of opposing abortion rights, a history of fighting to stifle LGBT rights, and that he had written a legal opinion that warned about the “grave danger” of Nebraska recognizing same-sex marriages.
While these allegations violate the Standards of Judicial Conduct, they do not amount to breaking the Law. Neither would they get him sent to jail. But they did prevent Judge Grasz from ascending to a higher judicial position. An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to Justice in our society. The Code of Conduct for United States Judges states that a judge should maintain and enforce high standards of conduct and should personally observe those standards, so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary may be preserved.

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A Judge is a Judicial Officer, charged with enforcing the Law, and  maintaining the Temple of Justice.
If a Judge breaks the Law, he cannot be treated like an ordinary criminal. Sometimes it may be necessary to send a Judge to jail. The Judge must be held to a higher standard.
 The Judge knows the Law, and what a sacred trust it is to be the Keeper of the Flame of Justice. For a Judge to transgress the Law, it requires a greater Specific Intent than a Layman needs to commit a crime. The Judge knows how important it is in a civil society for everyone to respect and obey the Law. So, the Judge must be held to a higher standard.
A Judge's  punishment must be greater. His violation is more severe that that of the average criminal.
Should the age of the Judge be taken into consideration when a Judge is sentenced?
Should his record as a Judge be a factor in determining an appropriate punishment?
Should the Judge be given any leniency?
Should the Judge's gender be a factor?
Should a male Judge get a stiffer sentence than a female Judge?
Should the Nature of the Crime be a factor?
If a Judge used his position as a Judge to steal money, should that be a factor?
If people loose their lives or are murdered as a result of the Judge's wilful violation of the Law, should that be a factor?
The Law is a Spirit. It is a Process. If the Law is perverted then the Temple of Justice is defiled, the Temple must be cleansed. Cleansing the Temple may require that a Judge who violates his Oath of Office be punished.
It is important that Society maintains respect for The Law and The Legal Process. People must believe that Justice is blind, and that they will be treated fairly before The Bar of Justice. The integrity and independence of the judiciary must be preserved at all costs.

One can hardly think of a crime a Judge could commit more egregious than Bribery. For a Judge to use his position for personal gain is unforgivable. For a Judge to extort bribes from the lawyers that appear before him is a crime worthy of going to jail. Judge David Black Daugherty is such a Judge.

He extorted bribes from Attorney Eric Conn. Attorney Conn was found guilty of defrauding the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the people of the United States of about $60 Million. Judge
 Daugherty’s decisions in cases in which Conn bribed him obligated the Government to pay more than $550 million in lifetime SSA benefits. Daugherty pleaded guilty to two counts of receiving illegal gratuities.

If a Judge over 80 years old is sentenced to jail,  it is possible that Judge will die in jail. Judge Daugherty was sentenced to four years in prison for taking more than $600,000 in bribes.
Judge Daugherty was 81 at the time he was sentenced. He was ordered to pay $93.8 million in Restitution, to be on Supervised Probation for a year after he finishes his prison sentence, and to perform 200 hours of community service.

Daugherty was charged along with Attorney Eric C. Conn. Conn made bribery payments to Daugherty from October 2004 to April 2011. Conn pleaded guilty to one count of theft of government money and one count of payment of gratuities.
He was released on Bail, and placed under house arrest. He was forced to wear a GPS ankle monitor while awaiting sentencing. Sometime in June  he removed the  GPS monitor and fled the country.
He was arrested on December 2nd in Honduras and returned to the United States. A trial date for the escape charges has been set for February 2018.


Eric Conn says life on the lam was ‘horrible.’ What about the lives of those he hurt?

January 10, 2018 06:40 PM

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