Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Readers Make The Best Lovers

Reading really improves your personality and that's why avid readers make the best lovers. Readers are more passionate and more vocal and tend to like prolonged foreplay.

Readers are least likely to experience premature sputtering, because they just can't stop; they are so anxious to see what's next or what is on the next page. They cannot stand interruptions, but always mark their spot in order to resume where they let off.

Readers are a bit old fashioned and are least likely to engage with gadgets and battery operated toys; but, they have vivid imaginations and are more likely to experiment with new locations, positions, and techniques. Like any old fashioned page-turner, they are strictly hands-on, and will negotiate before taking "no" for an answer.

 Because it is their custom to engage as frequently as possible, readers tend to be more cuddly, but will sometimes fall asleep during or shortly after turning the last page.

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